Te extraño, Colombia.

Cayley Mitchell - Barranquilla

Our home for 2015, Barranquilla

We are home. After a year in Colombia, a month in Peru and a few days in New York City, I am back in Johannesburg, wondering what to do next. Instead of concentrating on the future, however, I find myself reflecting more on the year that has passed. And I have to admit: Colombia, I miss you.

IMG_4906 (4)

La plaza de San Nicolás, Barranquilla

IMG_5260 (2).JPG

Puerto Colombia with Lisbey

The comforts of home are exceedingly welcome, don’t get me wrong. Family, friends, pets. Driving my car again, alongside South Africans who seem positively law-abiding compared to the crazies who rule Colombia’s roads. Wine (oh, wine!), cheese, summer braais. Oh, and humidity-free weather! Amazing.

Still, mi vida le falta algo. Is that correct? I wish I’d learned more Spanish.

IMG_0282 (3).JPG

Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

IMG_3142 (3)


IMG_3546 (4)

La Piedra Del Peñol

IMG_2438 (2)


IMG_4644 (2).JPG

Valle de Cocora

I miss the language, and I miss the lifestyle. I miss the salsa music, the colour, the iguanas.

IMG_2095 (2).JPG



IMG_1156 (2).JPG

I miss the adventure of daily bus rides, which would occasionally deliver me to the less-savoury side of town, and I miss the people, who would laugh at the lost gringa but help me on my way. I miss the tiendas on every corner, stocked with beer and rum and aguardiente, and I miss lounging in the plazas on sultry evenings.

IMG_5362 (2).JPG

On the way home

IMG_8951 (2).JPG


IMG_4965 (2).JPG

Halloween in Santa Marta


IMG_5011 (2)

IMG_4754 (5).JPG


IMG_4180 (2).JPG



IMG_0537 (2).JPG


I miss my students, and my co-workers at SENA. I miss the other volunteers, now spread out across the globe, and my roommates, especially the furry one.

Barranquilla Volunteers 2.jpg


IMG_5138 (2).JPG

Most of the food, dripping in oil and saturated with sugar as it is,  I can do without, but I do miss ajiaco, chicharrón, and endless fruit, limes and avocados. I even miss the arroyos and hearing the same Enrique Iglesias song every day.

IMG_3881 (2).JPG

Santa Marta

IMG_0763 (2).JPG



Arroyos, dogs and horses in hats

Mostly, I miss the adventure of being somewhere new, surrounded by the unfamiliar in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

IMG_3945 (2).JPG

Valle de Cocora

Te extraño, Colombia. Espero poder volver un día.


Photo by our awesome regional co-ordinator Carina.


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